Now into the nitty gritty. This is the reason this website exists. These are my previous/current courses with their corresponding websites:


Digital Storytelling

This course taught me editing and web designs of all kinds. Each time they teach the course, a different theme is used and expanded upon. My course focused on noir and elements associated with it like motifs and characters. We needed to create our very own noir character and mine was the beautiful Layla Arkwood who was essentially an awesome Jessica Rabbit. Throughout the semester, we would need to post regularly about our assignments and activities in regards to our Noir Characters. At the end of each week we needed to post a summarizing page detailing what we did. Fun fact: this website’s header image was one I created for this class! Our midterm was a radio show with our noir characters and our final was a transmedia adventure featuring a “noir” group or organization we created. Mine ended up being The Winter Association, a cult that thought the world needed to be cleansed of its “defilers”.

Intro to Creative Writing

It is effectively what it says on the tin. We were introduced to literary terms and were assigned various topics to write about. The semester was divided into two halves with the first half being about fiction and the second about poetry. Our fiction “final” was a short story which I unfortunately don’t have digitally. Our poetry final was a simple portfolio of all of our poems and journal entries. This site may look a little familiar mostly because I took this class quite some time ago and I’ve forgotten what I made the website look like. Regardless, it is nice to know that past me was just as into The Great Gatsby¬†as present me.

Game and Culture

This course was an English class for video games. It analyzed the story and the game design and developing in a more literary view. We had to play the game Gone Home for class. Each of our assignments were meant to delve deeper into the minds of whoever created a game. Fittingly, our final was to create our own video game. We were given many tools and options when it came to making it and I decided to create a text-based choose your own adventure. Our assignment required us to answer a question and mine was: “Does Genre Matter?” To answer that question, I chose to write three different stories in three different genres but with the exact same plot: girl’s mom dies, girl gets sent to her dad’s house. The genres I used were realistic fiction, Gothic fiction and SciFi. Though, after half of my progress was deleted, I scrapped the third genre and finished with the other two. I used Twine as my platform and I have to say that this was one of my favorite assignments to do. Have a little play of my game.

Intro to Digital Studies

This course has earned its own page for its projects because there were so many of them. You can find it here. A quick introduction to this course: it brought attention to a variety of digital aspects including perspectives, digital operations and html and css coding. We were required to research within three modules of our choosing that involved many different topics from aestheticism to blogging.