Get to Know this Old Sport

So, you must be wondering: Who is this girl who appears to really be into The Great Gatsby? Well, her name is Nelia and she is a nerd at heart. I’ve always enjoyed The Great Gatsby and its dreamy narrative. That’s the English Major in me coming out on this website. It’s also shining through my URL. Shout out to Ayn Rand. My “main” major is Communications and Digital Studies and I hope to use that degree in the media or advertising fields of work. Something in design would be very nice to have but I will take what I can get. I’ve always loved to design and create things. (It’s one of the reasons I have both of my majors.) But that’s beside the point.


Apart of my Communications major, I have been in courses that require digital work such as editing, web hosting, blogging and audio and visual production. Over the course of my college career, I have been in classes such as Digital Storytelling, Intro to Creative Writing, Game and Culture, and Intro to Digital Studies. Each and every one of these classes has required me to do at least something online and that has accumulated a lot of sub domains. Though, I, at least, think 4 sub domains is a lot. This main website is a gateway to projects related to each of those classes.


Due to all of those classes, I have learned skills in regards to audio, visual and textual editing, html and css, social media sites, Microsoft Office, and web design. That is a nice list of abilities and with the career field I would like to be in, those skills will be very helpful when I hopefully get my dream job!