Digital Studies


Now, I’ll only link to the very best of the best of the material I created for my Digital Studies class. We did so many things that I was hard to choose from.

My Site

This may be a slight self-plug but I really enjoyed designing my website. It is 2001: A Space Odyssey themed which already makes it amazing and it uses gifs to create a laid back atmosphere. I like the general structure and organization to my site. There are a few things that I may tweek but other than that I think I was able to create an easygoing website.


Module 3: Aestheticism 

I didn’t think I would like this module as much as I actually did. I focused on comparing and contrasting ancient aestheticism to current aestheticism, ultimately finding one common theme among them. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Even though aestheticism has undergone a surface change, much of everything stays the same. The ones viewing and analyzing things vary across centuries. Slowly but surely, the eye has become more artificial with smartphones and cameras growing in popularity. People often capture their own beauty with machines and that shows how similar and different new aestheticism is to its older counterpart. Machines are our eyes now, telling us what beauty is.


Probably one of the most time consuming projects I had to do, my sojourn into html and css has proven fruitful. I was able to create a website by scratch and transcribe an essay onto it. I must admit that it isn’t the flashiest website but it’s an amazing first try. It is also Great Gatsby themed, of course. It probably took me longer to create the website than it did to complete the essay. But it was entirely worth it. I love the look and feel of it and I chose to perfect green for my background. I will always be proud of it. I even have a splash page!